About us

We are pleased to introduce Portal, a company with roots dating back to the liberation of Gdansk. In May 1945, city authorities established the first state construction company under the name of the Gdansk Municipal Construction Company (GPBM). The purpose in creating GPBM was to clear away the rubble and reconstruct the city of Gdansk, which had been badly damaged during the war.

Old Town Gdansk after WWII and present day

In the 1960’s Gdansk Municipal Construction Company completed the reconstruction of the Old Town and began new housing operations such as: Zaspa, Niedźwiednik, Przymorze (falowce are the longest blocks of flats in Europe). As well as building new housing, GPBM also contributed to the construction of multi-purpose office buildings and hotels such as The Marina and Hevelius.

Falowiec, 860m long

Hotel Marina, Trójmiasto

Mercure Gdańsk Hewelius

During 1970-80 the company experienced a period of great prosperity. The company had over 3000 employees, its own base Hardware-Transport, modern prefabrication elements of houses, and most importantly, a full order book. GPBM practically became a monopoly on the Coast.

In 1969, the construction of CTO SA Zieleniak (90m high) was completed. The construction of this building utilized the most modern method available that time in Poland.

During that same year, Olympus was erected in Wrzeszcz.

Due to many social and political transformations in Poland, the company experienced a conversion of its own in 1992. Gdansk City Authorities decided to liquidate GPBM and sell the company. Hardware-Transport Base was bought at public auction by several workers of GPBM. On July 1, 1992 the Hardware Transport Services Company "PORTAL" Sp. Zo.o. was established. In 1994, Portal became a worldwide leader in sales and service as the foremost representative of tower cranes, specifically POTAIN GMBH. Our company makes every effort to provide services at the highest level, which has resulted in Portal becoming one of the leaders of crane lifting companies. The largest and most discerning construction companies have begun to seek us as partners for cooperation. In our18 year history, we have been cooperating with dozens of companies from around the country such as: Budimex - Dromex S.A., Ghelamco Polska, Skanska S.A, Modzelewski & Rodek, Budopol Wrocław SA, Mitex S.A., Multis Sp.z o.o.; and from Trojmiasto: Invest Komfort S.A, Hydrobudowa S.A, Crist, Mega, Domesta, Inpro, Budros, Makoma, Investing, PB Kokoszki and many other smaller construction companies.
In the last 3 years, we have been a partner in the repair of equipment at the electric power station plant. Also, we cooperate with Mostostal Krakow on the filter replacements in Kozienice Power plant. Our dependability and time sensitivity are evident in the projects in which we cooperate with Remak SA and its branches Remak Krak and Remak Rozruch.

Together with Budimex - Dromex SA we have rebuilt and modernized mill in the largest steelwork Mittal Steel Poland SA in Nowa Huta.

Our largest and most recent achievements include full service sites, such as:

Sea Towers Gdynia (two towers over 130 meters height).

Manufaktura Łódź - Mitex oraz Budimex – Dromex S.A.

Apparments complex in Warsaw, by Piękna, Kasprzak, Domaniewski, Żelazna Streets.

Housing complex La Lumiere, Sarmacka Street.

Housing complex "Wilanów".

Razem z Budimex-Dromex S.A braliśy też udział w budowaniu: Zielonego Zacisza w Warszawie.

Autostrada A1.

Trade and Service Center with a hotel, an underground tunnel and Spa House in Sopot.

Galeria "SFERA" Bielsko-Biała.

Year 2009. In order to responding and satisfy the potential investors, in 2009 we created the Investment and Construction Group PORTAL & PARTNERS, which is based on years of prior traditions and experience.

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